master [adj1] expert ace*, adept, crack*, crackerjack*, experienced, masterly, proficient, skilled, skillful; concept 527 —Ant. amateur master [adj2] main ascendant, chief, controlling, foremost, grand, great, leading, major, original, overbearing, paramount, predominant, predominate, preponderant, prevalent, prime, principal, regnant, sovereign, supreme; concept 568 —Ant. auxiliary, copy, duplicate, minor, subordinate master [n1] person in charge, female or male administrator, boss, captain, chief, chieftain, commandant, commander, commanding officer, conqueror, controller, director, employer, general, governor, guide, guru, head, head person, instructor, judge, lord, manager, matriarch, overlord, overseer, owner, patriarch, pedagogue, preceptor, principal, pro, ruler, schoolmaster/ mistress, skipper, slave driver*, spiritual leader, superintendent, supervisor, swami*, taskmaster, teacher, top dog*, tutor, wheel*; concepts 347,350,354 —Ant. servant master [n2] expert, skilled person, female or male ace*, adept, artist, artiste, authority, buff*, champion, connoisseur, conqueror, doctor, doyen, doyenne, genius, guru, maestro, maven, old hand*, old pro*, past master, prima donna*, pro, professional, proficient, pundit, real pro*, sage, savant, scientist, shark*, victor, virtuoso, whiz*, whiz-bang*, winner, wizard; concepts 350,366,423 —Ant. amateur master [v] learn; become proficient acquire, beat the game*, beat the system*, bone up*, bury yourself in*, comprehend, cram, excel in, gain mastery, get down cold*, get down pat*, get hold of*, get the hang of*, get the knack of*, grasp, grind, hit the books*, learn the ropes*, megastudy*, pick up, study, swamp*, understand; concepts 31,630 —Ant. be ignorant

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